The Most Famous Italian food In The World

Italy is a country that has beautiful natural wealth, and has famous historical sites, also has famous Italian food in the world. The natural beauty and history of Italy make it one of the world’s tourist destinations. Not only natural and historical tourism, Italy has also become one of the world’s culinary tourist destinations. The reason is, typical Italian food is known to have a delicious taste. Moreover, several dishes of Italian origin have an international reputation, and are popular in many countries.

Popular Italian dishes are pizza, lasagna and carbonara. Italians use pasta and cheese for lasagna and carbonara. After that, there is also gelato ice cream which has various flavors. Typical Italian food is known from pasta ingredients and cheese toppings. Here’s a note on a meal originating from Italy.

1. Pasta

A typical dish that originates from Italy is pasta. This country in mainland Europe provides a variety of dishes from pasta. An example of a dish made from pasta is carbonara. There is also gnocchi paste, which is added with tomato sauce, sausage and turmeric spices.

2. Risotto

Not only pasta, there are also typical Italian dishes that are slightly soupy, namely risotto. This dish is made from whole grain rice, chicken broth, beef, and vegetables. The method for making rice and broth is stirred in low heat. After thickening and being cooked, the risotto is then topped with cheese, spices, and seafood.

3. Pizza

Pizza is a typical Italian dish that is popular in Indonesia. … Read More

The Best Steakhouse In The World

When you hear the word steakhouse, you immediately think of the US or Europe. However, this is not the only place to raise livestock and eat steak. Wagyu and Kobe, considered the best cuts of beef in the world, originate in Japan. Moreover, places like Portugal and Argentina deserve a special mention.

Grass-fed cattle in a certain area will have a special taste that is specific to that area. That said, the juicy cuts of steak are a go-to for most meat lovers.

1. Goodman Steakhouse, London

Among the best steakhouses in the world, Goodman hails from New York. Goodman opened the London branch in 2008, and the franchise has grown to 3 more positions since then.

The restaurant has been awarded a Michelin Star and is loved by its customers for its leather and wood accents that emulate the New York atmosphere. Customers have the option of selecting from Spanish, UK, or US deductions. The restaurant ages the meat on the spot and takes pride in the ribs.

2. Steakhouse Mancy, Toledo

Mancy’s Steakhouse in Toledo, Ohio, is one such legendary place. The steakhouse was founded in 1921 and, if the locals are to be believed, has been constantly packed since day 1, even on weekdays. It is advisable to check the Toledo Weather Radar before heading there as you may have to wait a bit to enter.

It’s best to pick a day when the weather in Toledo is pleasant, and waiting outside will only increase the predictability … Read More

The Best Chefs in the World

Holding the title as one of the best chefs in the world is a great honor and is always coveted by all chefs in the world. There are many requirements to have the title of the best chef in the world, one of which is having the most Michelin Stars. Or simply put, Michelin Star is the highest award in the culinary world which will be divided into 3 types of stars, namely stars 1, 2 and 3. There will continue to be many stars that you want to get so that the quality of the restaurant continues to increase.

This title will be distributed to restaurants that meet the requirements both from food, service, to the atmosphere. Everything is highly considered to get the Michelin Star title, because this does not only affect the restaurant but also the chef who cooks or who owns the restaurant. . The chef wants to collect Michelin Stars from his restaurant, then he can get as many Michelin Stars until his name is included in the list of the best chefs in the world.

1. Alain Ducasse– 19 Michelin Stars

Alain Ducasse built a business empire over the years with 36 restaurants spread all over the world and recorded as having 19 Michelin Stars, also has restaurants with 3 Michelin stars in 3 world cities namely Monaco, Paris and London. This makes Alain Ducasse the best chef in the world by holding the owner of the most Michelin Stars. The working system in … Read More

Richard Blais shares how to cook on a budget using canned soups

Richard Blais says cooking with canned soup is the perfect way to explore new recipes and cultures with your family.  (Photos: Getty)

Richard Blais says cooking with canned soup is the perfect way to explore new recipes and cultures with your family. (Photos: Getty)

With record-breaking inflation and talk of a future recession dominating headlines, it’s not uncommon for families to be on the hunt for ways to save a bit of money on their monthly grocery bills. Enter canned soup, an ingredient Top Chefs alum Richard Blais says is a perfect way to streamline dinnertime “for a reasonable price per person.”

“I don’t have any recession tips except that we’re all in the same situation together,” Blais tells Yahoo Life. “I just came back from overseas and it’s a global thing. [With canned soup]you can cook restaurant-quality meals at home and you can do it within a budget.”

Canned soups are for more than casseroles

“I put some cream of chicken soup in some mulligatawny soup last night and it was amazing,” says Blais. “I made a French onion soup quesadilla the other day. I made beans on toast and used tomato soup in the beans, so using the soup as a shortcut to get you restaurant-quality meals has been a lot of fun.”

Blais spoke with Yahoo Life as part of his recent partnership with Campbell’s, where he’s sharing canned soup-based recipes through the Yes Chef campaign. From a cauliflower curry with cream of celery soup to rigatoni alla vodka made with classic condensed tomato soup, Blais says coming up with each recipe in the campaign was a great time

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German Christmas, superfoods restaurant, more

EVANSVILLE — We’re bringing you Tri-State restaurant happenings and food news you need to know. Here’s the latest.

Breakfast with Santa

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Zeta Zeta Omega and Tau Rho chapters will present Breakfast with Santa on Saturday, Dec. 3, from 9:30-11:30 am at the Zion Missionary Baptist Church. The free event includes breakfast for everyone, and children will receive gifts from Santa and can participate in arts and crafts. Adults may participate in workshops on mental health and literacy. Kids and adults are encouraged to wear their favorite holiday pajamas.

The Zion Missionary Baptist Church is at 1800 S. Governor St.; 812-423-1963.

Bowlify Superfoods is a new restaurant focusing on fresh fruit bowls and avocado toast now open on Evansville's East Side.

Superfoods restaurant now open

Bowlify Superfoods is now open on Evansville’s East Side. The healthy foods café specializes in acai bowls with fresh fruit and granola, smoothies and avocado toast.

Bowlify Superfoods is at 250 N. Burkhardt Road.

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German Christmas dinner and pageant

The Evansville Germania Maennechor will host Christmas at Germania on Friday, Dec. 2, and Saturday, Dec. 3, from 7-9 pm each night. The evening includes an original pageant, choral music from the Maennechor and Damenchor, and a German dinner. Tickets are$30.

The Germania Maennechor is at 916 N. Fulton Ave.; 812-422-1915.

There's always good cheer in plenty at the Germania Maennechor.  Stop for Christmas at Germania on Friday, Dec.  2, and Saturday, Dec.  3, from 7-9 pm each night.

Breakfast with St. Nicholas to benefit needy families with donations

Holy Rosary Catholic Church will host its 21st Annual Breakfast with St. Nicholas on Saturday, Dec. 3, from 9-10:30 am at the Holy Rosary

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Amazon Ends Food Delivery Trial in India

Amazon is restructuring its India operations with the announcement that it is shuttering its food delivery service, Amazon Food, in the region after Dec. 29.

In a statement sent to PYMNTS, the eCommerce giant said it would no longer be operating the food delivery business after trialing the service in the city of Bengaluru since May 2020.

According to a company spokesperson, the decision to close the service was made “as part of [Amazon’s] annual operating planning review process.”

“We don’t take these decisions lightly. We are discontinuing these programs in a phased manner to take care of current customers and partners,” the spokesperson said.

With this decision to dissolve its test food delivery business, Amazon will be missing out on a growing trend of food delivery consumers.

A September PYMNTS report, “The 2022 Restaurant Digital Divide: Food Aggregators Find Their Footing In Q2,” found that food delivery is an in-demand service in the US. In fact, 91% of meals are bought for delivery through food aggregating apps, such as DoorDash.

And with 47% of food aggregator app users utilizing digital tools during their last restaurant visit, there is room to grow if Amazon was to consider testing a food delivery service in the future.

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Amazon has been restructuring its corporate staff as well as reevaluating its global businesses, announcing Nov. 14 that the company was looking to lay off approximately 10,000 employees this month, the first and largest such move in

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