We, as any other food establishment for sure, are challenged everyday to decide what can we cook based on the availability of the ingredients we use, how much of each dish should we prepare, and how can we compensate a little bit the lack of that dining experience that not only the food provides but also the attention, the service, the smiles, the relationhip!

We are certain that those days will come back and united we stand! In the meantime we are doing little things for our customers like increasing the number of Deviled Shrimp Tacos from 3 to 4; reducing the price of the Tortilla Soup and the Tres Leches Cake; starting Friday March 26th we'll include a serving of the chips and salsa we offered during the Great American Takeout Day; we'll also introduce new dishes specially priced and available in 32oz to satisfy 2 people or a hungry one ;)


Thursday April 2nd



Tortilla Soup GF                                       7

This family recipe brings together smoky and earthy flavors, a delicious crunchiness and a subtle heat of pasilla peppers blended in a roasted tomato-based broth.

Empanadas Venezolanas GF                    11


   Corn and Cheese



Pibil Pork GF                                           14

Slow roasted pork in Achiote adobo


Deviled Shrimp (GF upon request)                     16

Shrimp, deviled sauce, gruyere, our very unique black beans and our very famous guacamole

Tacos de Arrachera GF                             18

Grilled marinated flank steak, served in corn torrillas with avocado salsa (only at Nal), and Pico de Gallo (our version of course)



Pozole Blanco Estilo Guerrero GF                  22 

White Pozole Guerrero Style

This Pre-Hispanic dish is today a staple in the Mexican cuisine.  We love the Guerrero style that is made with braised pork, hominy, and spices.  It is served with avocado, radishes, onions, and chicharron on the side

Canja de Galinha GF                             18

Latin Style Chicken Soup

Chicken, chickpeas, carrots, potatoes, rice

Who doesn't want to remember the good things of our childhood?



Tres Leches Cake                                      6

Mexican Rice Pudding GF                           5


Chicken in “Swiss” Sauce GF                        23

Juicy oven-roasted chicken covered with a luscious creamy jalapeno and cilantro sauce covered with melted swiss cheese. Served with white rice


Camarones Petroleros  GF                         26

Oiler Shrimp

Although we don’t know the origin of this popular recipe in Mexico, the name comes from the appearance between the crude oil or petroleum and the cheesy, citrussy, creamy and blackish sauce that covers the shrimp.  Served with guacamole, white rice and a “burrito” size flour tortilla or, regular gluten-free corn tortillas


Arroz con Camarones al Ajillo GF                24

Rice with Garlic Shrimp

Our ajillo sauce is mainly made with garlic and sliced guajillo peppers, served over a classic Spanish saffron rice.


Entomatado de Puerco GF                        23

Pork in Tomatillo Sauce

Pork is braised with tomatillos, onion, garlic, cinnamon and other spices.  The result is a tender and flavorful meat that pairs wonderfully with real fresh corn tortillas and our unique charro beans


Churrasco Negro (GF upon request)                 25

Black Churrasco

USDA Prime Sirloin seasoned and grilled, covered in a light sauce mainly made with lots of garlic, au jus and Chiltepin peppers topped with grilled cactus and red bell peppers

Pescado al Mojo de Ajo GF                        22 

Fish Filet in Garlic Sauce

A typical Mexican recipe with a truly mild garlic-butter flavor.  Served with rice and vengetables.  We'll use Mahi Mahi this week

Birria de Borrego GF                                    24 

Mexican Lam Stew

Tender lamb meat is slow braised in a blend of dry and smoky chili peppers and spices, until it transforms into an aromatic and rich stew, pleasantly spicy.

Served with black beans, red rice and corn tortillas and drunken salsa.

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