Did you know that after being under Spain's control for almost 300 years, Mexico, called the New Spain back then, began an epic fight with Spain to obtain its independence?  That day was September 16th of 1810.

Join us to commemorate Mexico's Independence Day

 Saturday September 15 !


Featured Dishes

Pozole Blanco Estilo Guerrero

(White Pozole Guerrero Style)

We agree with our friend KL; nothing less than a luscious meat broth and hominy, which is corn kernels that have gone through a nixtamalization process to add tenderness and a pleasingly starchy bite to every spoonful

Mole con Pollo

Chicken with Mole

A dense, rich and smooth sauce made of more than 25 ingredients, including chili peppers and chocolate. Spectacular for most palates.

We imported a delicious blend directly from San Pedro Atocpan, which produces about 60% of all the mole produced in Mexico, about 30,000 tons every year.

It is served with Mexican style rice and beans.


This is a classic from Yucatan that will make you lick your fingers.

A handmade corn tortilla, filled with refried beans, lighlty fried, topped with Cochinita Pibil (Pibil Pork), red pickled onions, and habanero sauce.

Probably not typical for this day, but we truly love them!






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