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Higher food prices worsen hunger crisis this holiday season

WASHINGTON (AP) — Staffers at Bread for the City, a venerable charity in the nation’s capital, thought they were prepared for this year’s annual pre-Thanksgiving Holiday Helpers food giveaway. The pandemic had faded, but inflation was high, so they budgeted to give out 12,000 meals, 20% higher than normal pre-pandemic levels. But they were quickly overwhelmed, with long lines of clients waiting hours to receive a free turkey and a $50 debit card for groceries. They were forced to shut down three days early after helping 16,000 people, much more than anticipated. “We don’t want to retraumatize our community by having them wait outside four hours for a turkey,” said Ashley Domm, the charity’s chief development officer. “We are not set up to have hundreds of people lined up on a city street.” Bread for the City’s experience reflects a larger dynamic playing out across the country. What many Americans

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FDA Says Lab-Grown Meat Is Safe to Eat: What Is It?

“Farm-to-table” has long been a sought-after design for food—but “lab-to-table” might be the next trend for your favorite animal protein. In a landmark ruling, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has cleared lab-grown poultry for human consumption. On November 16, the FDA stated it had “no further questions” regarding the production of cell-cultured chicken by California’s Upside Foods. This is the first time a US government agency has approved lab-grown meat, so there are plenty of questions surrounding its production, safety and availability. Wondering what lab-grown meat actually is, whether it’s safe, and when you might expect to see it on grocery store shelves? Here’s what we know so far. Growing meat in a lab is a different process than traditional farming, to say the least—but the meat it creates is biologically the same as “real” chicken. At Upside Foods, it all starts with a cell sample from a

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You Can Get Free Pizza Hut If You Ruin Your Dinner This Month

Photo: Pizza Hut (Fair Use) The holidays can be a chaotic time when you have a full house, and you’re just trying to do your best to impress the in-laws with your cooking. You certainly wouldn’t be the first person to burn your would-be fancy dinner, but this year, a burnt casserole or overly dried-out turkey doesn’t have to ruin the evening: There’s a small chance at redemption for some Pizza Hut customers. The Pizza Hut Holiday Rescue gives customers a chance to win a free Triple Treat Box, which consists of two medium, one-topping pizzas, five breadsticks and 10 Cinnabon Mini Rolls. You just need to provide the company with photographic proof of your culinary disadvantages: Read more How to enter the Pizza Hut Holiday Rescue The sweepstakes will run from Dec. 1 to Dec. 24; each day, one winner will be selected from among all the terrible cooks

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Internet Praises Ukrainian’s Cooking Mid-Blackout: ‘Resilience’

A Ukrainian man has gone viral on TikTok after showing his followers how he prepares dinner amidst the blackouts in his country, with some users praising his “resilience.” In the video, TikTok user Gregory Donchik (gregorydonchik13) showed how he had to get creative to cook a pasta dish. The clip begins with a man dousing pieces of coal in an aluminum foil-covered pot with lighter fluid. He then prepared chicken, coating the meat with seasonings before sliding it into a frying pan, which was placed above the coals to cook. After the chicken is finished, it cooks up a medley of vegetables in a frying pan and adds the meat. After boiling a pot of pasta and adding cream to the mixture, he’s left with what looks like a delicious and filling dinner. This stock image shows a dutch oven filled with coal over a fire. A video of a

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Food Diary: How a 28-Year-Old Teacher Eats on $50K/Year in Providence, Rhode Island

Welcome to The Receipt, a series documenting how Bon Apétit readers eat and what they spend doing it. Each food diary follows one anonymous reader’s week of expenses related to groceries, restaurant meals, coffee runs, and every bite in between. In this time of rising food costs, The Receipt reveals how folks—from different cities, with different incomes, on different schedules—are figuring out their food budgets. In today’s Receipt, a 28-year-old English teacher in Providence, Rhode Island who drinks a lot of kefir, considers ruining her intestines to eat gluten, and is very opinionated about Caesar salad. Keep reading for her receipts. The finances What are your pronouns? She/her What is youroccupation? I am a high school English Language Arts (ELA) teacher. During the fall, I worked as an Assistant Scorer for NCAA volleyball games, and in the spring, I coached a high school volleyball team. How old are you? I’m

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A Love Letter to Drinking Foods Around the World

THIS ARTICLE IS ADAPTED FROM THE DECEMBER 3, 2022, EDITION OF GASTRO OBSCURA’S FAVORITE THINGS NEWSLETTER. YOU CAN SIGN UP HERE. When I was a 22-year-old teaching English in Wuhan, China, I spent almost every Saturday night at a punk club in the Wuchang district. The joint never really got going until midnight, by which time the dance floor was sticky with spilled baijiu and the dive bar next door was spilling into the street. By the time I staggered out at the tail end of the night, I was a real mess—but more importantly, I was hungry. Luckily, Wuhan has a long history of serving excellent food at odd hours. The city’s famous re bro mian (“hot dry noodles”) don’t make an appearance until dawn, but the hawkers grill up the rou chuan—lamb skewers liberally dusted with cumin and chile —had a sixth sense for pulling up right when

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Why BJ’s Restaurants put a margin improvement team into place

Greg Levin was named CEO of BJ’s Restaurants in the summer of 2021 during perhaps the most disruptive time for the casual dining segment in its history. Those uncertainties have only grown since, given inflationary and supply chain challenges, as well as a predicted recession on the horizon. Still, BJ’s system sales and comp sales exceeded pre-pandemic levels in Q3. Though margins remain pressured (BJ’s is not anomalous here), Levin and his team have put several initiatives into place to maintain the 214-unit chain’s momentum – uncertainties be damned. Take, for example, the company’s recently-created margin improvement team featuring representation across several functions to actively identify and implement cost savings opportunities, some of which are low-hanging fruit and others that have long-term implications. The team focuses on four areas specifically – cost of sales, labor, operating occupancy and G&A. The ultimate goal is to bring margins back into the mid-to-upper

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17 Twin Cities area bars and restaurants with retail spaces perfect for holiday shopping

We’re counting down the days of the season and hoping to cram in as much joy, laughter and togetherness as possible. That means multitasking — it’s the only way to accomplish everything we need to accomplish before the holidays. That’s why the growing trend of restaurants with added retail space is so incredibly helpful this time of year, when many who are gathering at restaurants are also looking for gifts to share. Along with rustic reclaimed-wood tables, there are shelves lined with possibilities from makers near and far, all curated to reflect the restaurant’s aesthetic. At Vivir, the breakfast cafe from Jami Olson that’s adjacent to her Minneapolis taco spot Centro, the pivot came in part due to the pandemic. “We wanted to create a market feel,” she said, remembering the early pandemic days when she and chef Jose Alarcon shifted the Mexican fine dining restaurant Popol Vuh over to

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