BTS’s SUGA invites RM as the first guest to his talk show ‘SuChwiTa (Time to Drink with SUGA)’

A week ago, BTS’s SUGA excited fans with the news that he will be having his very own YouTube talk show.

On November 28, KST, a teaser for ‘SuChwiTa‘ was revealed through BTS’s official BangtanTV YouTube channel. Finally, on December 5, BTS premiered SUGA’s talk show revealing the first special guest – BTS’s leader RM.

RM recently debuted as a solo artist with his first album ‘Indigos,’ which exceeded 500,000 album sales in just one day of sales. With RM’s first solo album release and SUGA’s first talk show, this episode of ”SuChwiTa (Time to Drink with SUGA)’ was as meaningful as it gets.

The two BTS members were able to comfortably talk with each other about various topics while sharing RM’s favorite alcohol. RM revealed that he was able to understand the taste of whiskey, thanks to SUGA.

The two got into the topic of RM’s first solo album. As many fans are aware, BTS members have been releasing solo music as mixtapes and on SoundCloud, but this is the first time that the members have begun releasing official solo albums.

RM explained there are 10 songs in his album, and SUGA congratulated RM, saying, “We have to give him a round of applause. You have 200 songs listed in the Korean Music Copyright Association.” SUGA then went on to ask RM how he felt about his first solo album release.

RM shared, “First, to be honest, I feel a little strange. Basically,

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National food site voted this as New Jersey’s classic sandwich a recipe, party planning and entertainment website, came out with a list of the favorite sandwiches to order in each state.

The sandwich named is a part of each state’s lore and makeup and part of the culinary experience of the states listed. When in each state, you should order what the state is known for.

I agree with that. When I’m in Maine I order a lobster roll at every restaurant doing a taste test to find the ultimate roll. I also taste the New England clam chowder. Coincidentally, the lobster roll was the classic sandwich to order in Maine.

To the south, for our friends in Delaware the classic sandwich to order is the Thanksgiving sub that was first introduced 40 years ago at Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop and it’s a favorite of President Biden.

In New York, pastrami on rye bread is the classic sandwich to order. I’ve done the pastrami taste test in New York and there are delis who just know how to make pastrami right and the end result is an enjoyable sandwich.

In Pennsylvania, Delish of course says that it’s the Philly cheese steak. There will always be a debate among all who enjoy a great cheese steak whether it’s Geno’s or Pat’s in Philadelphia that has the best cheese steak. I’ve had both and I have to tell you I like both places and their cheese steak offerings. I’m going to get bad feedback on that noncommittal choice but so it goes.

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Do you need to drink eight glasses of water daily?

A woman drinks from a water bottle in Portland, Oregon May 23, 2014. — Reuters
A woman drinks from a water bottle in Portland, Oregon May 23, 2014. — Reuters

It is a widely held belief that a person must drink at least eight glasses of water in a day, however, a new study has contradicted this view which says that it might be “too much”.

A recent study, published in Sciencefound that the recommended eight glasses of water were more than the required amount, BBC reported.

As per the estimates, people only need about 1.5 to 1.8 liters of water as they also intake water from food.

“The original estimate of two liters a day comes from a slight miscalculation,” Professor John Speakman from the University of Aberdeen told BBC.

“The water that we need to drink is the difference between the total water that we need to ingest and the amount that we get from our food.

“The way they estimated the amount of food was by asking people how much they eat.”

The scientist said that asking people how much they eat is a common practice to estimate the amount of water intake that comes from food. He, however, said that following this method could result in misestimation as people “under-report” the amount of their food intake.

The study

There have been countless studies to find the correct answer to the question but the surveys are applied to small samples of people. However, this new study was conducted through collaboration across the globe, in which scientists used a stable isotope

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