LIST: Festive food and drinks to try this year in St. Louis

Check out these festive offerings from St. Louis-area restaurants, breweries and cafes while they last.

st. LOUIS — It’s officially the holiday season in St. Louis, and area restaurants and breweries are showing their holiday spirit with festive food and drinks.

5 On Your Side has made a list of local businesses with winter menu items. Try these seasonal offerings before they’re gone.

4 Hands Brewing Company

This holiday season, 4 Hands Brewing Company is serving up a special adults-only hot cocoa on tap and bringing it to store shelves across the St. Louis area. The Imperial Hot Chocolate Milk Stout is an amped up version of the brewery’s Chocolate Milk Stout that’s infused with hot cocoa powder and marshmallows.

Imperial Hot Chocolate Milk Stout is now available at the brewery on draft and in four-packs of 16oz cans to go AND it’s…

Posted by 4 Hands Brewing Company on Thursday, December 1, 2022

Andy’s Frozen Custard

Andy’s is serving up three holiday-inspired frozen treats this year:

  • Andy Nog – This seasonal shake combines vanilla custard with rich eggnog.
  • Santa Brownie – This treat mixes vanilla frozen custard with hot fudge and candy cane pieces and comes in the form of a Jackhammer or a sundae.
  • Apple Pie – Ordered as a concrete, this treat combines a whole slice of apple pie with vanilla frozen custard. Ordered as a sundae, you’ll get a slice of apple pie topped with vanilla custard and crème caramel sauce.

Clementine’s Naughty

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Le Bernardin tops vaunted ‘List’ as NYC restaurants gear up for critical holiday season

December will be a make-or-break month for many Midtown restaurants hobbled by slow lunch business, but they’re not sweating it at Le Bernardin.

The West 50th Street seafood palace, where Michelin recently reaffirmed a precious three-star rating, was just named the world’s No. 1 restaurant for 2023 by La Liste, the increasingly influential rankings based in Paris. The findings are based on analysis of thousands of guidebooks, media stories and online reviews worldwide, while Michelin relies on anonymous inspector visits.

Eric Ripert, Le Bernardin’s chef and co-owner with Maguy Le Coze, celebrated the second time Le Bernardin has been so honored (it was also No. 1 on La Liste in 2019) as “excellent news for us. La Liste, which is only seven years old, is starting to impose itself,” and is widely followed by visitors to the Big Apple from Asian countries including Japan and Korea.

Le Bernardin hardly needs another boost. It shares the no. 1 billing with Guy Savoy in France and Frantzen in Sweden.

Ripert said Le Bernardin, which was also named No.  1 by La Liste in 2019, has "never been so busy."
Ripert said Le Bernardin, which was also named No. 1 by La Liste in 2019, has “never been so busy.”
Not all Midtown restaurants are experiencing the same kind of lunch success as Le Bernardin.
Not all Midtown restaurants are experiencing the same kind of lunch success as Le Bernardin.
Robert Miller

“We have never been so busy,” Ripert said — at lunch as well as at dinner.

But although tables are hard to come by before the end of the year, the one-two punch of Michelin and La Liste “are much more important to us in January

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Eating off certain colored plates improves the taste of food for picky eaters

Researchers at the University of Portsmouth have found picky eaters perceive food eaten out of red bowls to be saltier and less desirable than the same food served in white bowls. The findings add to understandings of how taste perception can be influenced by plates and cutlery.

We all may know someone we consider to be a picky eater, prone to disliking some common ingredients and causing social havoc when ordering at restaurants. But for some people picky eating can actually become a serious disorder, and clinical definitions of picky eating behaviors often include people who only consume around 20 different kinds of foods.

“Having restricted diets can lead to nutritional deficiencies as well as health problems such as heart disease, poor bone health and dental issues,” explained Lorenzo Stafford, one of the authors on the latest study. “There is also a social cost because normally enjoyable moments between family members can easily turn into stressful, anxious, and conflict-causing situations when picky eaters feel ashamed or pressured to eat food.”

A 2018 study estimated nearly one in five American adults could be clinically categorized as picky eaters. So exploring ways to help these people better engage with more types of food could result in valuable health outcomes.

The new research homed in on the effect of plate color on food desirability for picky eaters. The experiment was based on a foundational study from 2011 which looked at the way different colored food bowls affected a person’s perception of taste.


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