A new start after 60: I quit drinking and learned to make guitars | Craft

When Paul Edwards left school at 15, he headed to the careers office in Salford, Greater Manchester, to speak to the man behind the glass hatch. The careers officer riffled through his little box of cards, and pulled out two. One card advertised a vacancy for a violin-maker’s apprentice; the other for a precision grinder, which is paid twice as much. Edwards’ mother told him there was no choice. He became a precision grinder.

He must have thought about this fork in the road many times since, because two years ago, at 62, he built a guitar. “And the first thing I thought was: Why didn’t I do this when I left school?”

Instead, he hopped from place to place, following work or girlfriends. “I never really had a career path,” he says. He had worked from the age of 12, painting ships alongside his father in the docks at Old Trafford. “You grow up fast when you’re the oldest of six boys.”

Edwards’ childhood home was full of music. “My mum was singing all the time. I can still hear her now. ‘One day my prince will come … ‘ The radio was always on. We had records.” At 13, Edwards saved his wages and bought a £50 bass on hire-purchase. “It was red, shiny and beautiful.”

He had always been good with his hands, so when the precision grinding didn’t work out, he got a job as a stagehand at the Davenport theater in Stockport – his

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Clear Lake, Garner restaurants among those with department of inspections infractions

CLARK KAUFFMAN Iowa Capital Dispatch

State, city and county food inspectors have cited Iowa restaurants and stores for hundreds of food-safety violations this past month, including moldy taco meat, beef marked “Not For Sale,” long-expired milk, and unskilled workers preparing sushi that failed to meet minimum safety standards.

One Des Moines food store was found to be importing fish directly from Thailand, which meant that none of it went through the usual process of being inspected and certified as safe. At the same store, whole chickens from an unknown, unlabeled source were being sold to the public.

The findings are reported by the Iowa Department of Inspections and Appeals, which handles food-establishment inspections at the state level. Listed below are some of the more serious findings that stem from inspections at Iowa restaurants, stores, schools, hospitals and other businesses over the past four weeks.

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The state inspections department reminds the public that their reports are a “snapshot” in time, and violations are often corrected on the spot before the inspector leaves the establishment. For a more complete list of all inspections, along with additional details on each of the inspections listed below, visit the Iowa Department of Inspections and Appeals’ website.

Fujisan Sushi at Sam’s Club, 305 Airport Road, Ames – During a Nov. 16 visits, a state inspector cited the establishment for food that was holding just above the maximum temperature of 41 degrees, including tempura shrimp at 42 degrees and crab at 43 degrees.

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Three new restaurants serving Summerville customers in the former Sticky Fingers building

SUMMERVILLE, SC (WCBD) – A former Sticky Fingers restaurant is finding new life in Summerville.

The building on Main Street now offers three different new restaurants in one location.

You’ll find Azul Mexican restaurant at the front of the building, Kairos Mediterranean is located at the back, and right between you’ll find a new local business called Not Your Average Wings.

It was during the COVID-19 pandemic that Priscilla Bloedoorn and her best friend, Rachael Bailey, started thinking about opening a restaurant.

“Me and Priscilla [SIC] came up with the concept of having a wing spot here in the Summerville area,” said Bailey, who co-owns the wings restaurant. “We saw the need for it.”

All three of these restaurants recently opened for business. The ribbon was cut for Not Your Average Wings on October 14 and offers 30 flavors of wings along with waffles, grits, fries, fried okra, fried pickles, and onion rings… and the concept seems to be working.

“It’s amazing. Definitely aptly named not your average wings,” said happy customer Jordan Brown.

Brown stopped by to pick up an order on Tuesday afternoon. “Great food. I come here all the time. I tell everybody I know about this place,” Brown said.

“With everything that’s happened in the past couple of years, it’s nice to see that people who are local are still having the chance to, just put their feet into the soil.”

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