Lindsay Lohan’s Pepsi Dirty Soda, Pilk, Reviewed

It’s Pilk!
Photo: Pepsi/YouTube

If Mariah Carey is the Queen of Christmas, Matt Rogers its Prince, and Jesus its King (fact-check pls?), Lindsay Lohan must be the Chrismess Princess. In 2004, she brought “Jingle Bell Rock” into the 21st century. in 2022, Falling for Christmas became new canonical holiday gospel. And today, on the first day of December, the ho-ho-ho month, Lohan has introduced us all to a new classic Christmas drink, one that will surely take the world by storm and put eggnog out of a job; I am talking, of course, about Pilk. Pilk, as you will learn from Lohan’s 16-second sponsored social-media post, is a heady association of Pepsi and milk. In the ad, she wears her Mean Girls talent-show sexy-Santa look, sits by a roaring fire, and pours a can of Pepsi into a glass. “Nice,” she croaks. Then she tops off the glass with milk. “Ooh, naughty.” She stirs it together with a straw until the whole drink turns creamy opaque. “Pepsi and milk,” she says, doing her best “thinking” face. “Pilks!” She puts her lips around the straw and the camera cuts to a still life of Pilk and cookies just as she’s about to sip it. “Mmm, that is one dirty soda,” she says when the camera cuts back with no evidence of her having drunk the dang thing. Is LiLo calling the soda “naughty” and “dirty” meant to… make us horny for milk soda? Could this Christmas vixen (reindeer sense, affectionate) be

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9 brilliantly clever tips to make cooking Christmas dinner this year a BREEZE!

Cooking Christmas dinner can be more stressful than university finals or as relaxing as a week in the Maldives.

Most of us probably find ourselves basting our turkeys somewhere in between these extremes.

Festive fun!  You too can love cooking Christmas dinner if you follow Alice's clever tips!

Festive fun! You too can love cooking Christmas dinner if you follow Alice’s clever tips!

For me, as a mediocrity (at best) cook, Christmas dinner is one meal I thoroughly enjoy making. I love the Christmas carol accompanying the preparation, I love knowing that I’ve done too many potatoes – an absolute point of pride – and I thoroughly enjoy laboring over the extra dishes and vegetables that I’d never include alongside a normal Sunday lunch, such as red cabbage and sprouts.

Years of practice have helped shape my positive attitude. Here are my top tips for making the whole process a breeze.

1. Think of it as a large Sunday roast.

This is how I get around the stress of knowing that I am feeding large numbers of people, some of whom are better cooks than me. I also include: ‘Who cares if you get it wrong, everyone will have a glass of Champagne by the time they sit down,’ in my personal Christmas Day pep talk to himself at 7am as I get out the peeler.

2. Save on washing up and have canapés instead of plated starters.

I always do smoked salmon on brown bread, and then invest in shop bought mini quiches (life’s too short) that I heat up and pass around with

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5 Tips for Making Hot Campfire Drinks


Photographer and outdoor enthusiast Andy Austin knows better than anyone how to handle a strong chill. Growing up in Montana, he says if you give up and go inside when the snow starts flying, you’ll be locked away for most of the year – no one wants that!

Austin, who lives a hybrid of van and home life, highlights his experiences on TikTok. A particular series of posts he’s curated is called Campfire Cocktails, where he teaches his viewers how to whip up tasty drinks to make while camping.

Campfire Cocktails began by collaborating with Bozeman Spirits Distilling to make a cinnamon hot toddy. The recipe calls for two ounces of cinnamon whiskey, two quarters of lemon, two dashes of aromatic bitters, half an ounce of honey syrup (three parts honey, one part water) and hot water.

“I made this in the spring and can’t wait to make it again in the winter,” Austin says. “Putting bitters in gives it a whole new flavor profile that really opens up the drink.”

Austin says whiskey is generally his drink of choice because it pairs well with so many hot drinks like coffee, cider or hot chocolate which he can make right on the campfire.

A clear expert on the subject, we asked Austin for all the tips and tricks so campers everywhere can easily whip up hot drinks to sip on while camping in cold weather.

Choose a Proper Heating Source

Austin’s heating source for whipping up hot drinks

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