Orlando leaders to vote on new ordinance

The push to make downtown Orlando safer is going beyond security checkpoints. The city council will soon vote on a new ordinance that will redefine restaurants, bars and nightclubs. Reports of violence like shootings in the summer have since increased police presence and security checkpoints downtown, including city meetings to discuss what needs to change. A proposed ordinance will distinctly clarify what it means to be a bar, restaurant or nightclub. For example, a the restaurant has to keep its chairs and tables for seated meals in place during its hours of operation. It must also not charge for entry and has to welcome all ages, otherwise it’ll be reclassified as possibly a bar or nightclub. The proposal aims to restrict locations for each kind of business that’s looking to get a license. “During the daytime, we focus more on sports, we play games… and then once it hits eight or nine we kind of push everything in and we go club mode and we change the whole atmosphere,” floor manager of Parlay Ethan Snyder said. Parlay opened downtown this past summer. “Coming into it, it’s all new, but I think that this is like a great location on a busy street,” Snyder said. City leaders hope the proposal will help manage businesses when it comes to zoning and public safety. “Safety is really important. We want all of our staff to be safe and we want everyone downtown to be safe,” Snyder said. The City Council is scheduled to … Read More

In a London restaurant, Senegalese hold heads high despite England disappointment | WorldCup

It was a freezing night in east London, but inside Little Baobab, an inconspicuous Senegalese restaurant hidden away in a building in Clapton, there was a cautious buzz of optimism. Usually the venue hosts Senegalese musicians, often playing mbalax, a type of Senegalese and Gambian dance music. But tonight, it was all about the football, with the crowd of 40 or so hopefully their team could reach the quarter-finals of the World Cup in just the second time.

Khadim Mbamba, the restaurant’s chef, refused to sit, but chose instead to lean nervously against a chair at the very back of the room. “Some people have told me Senegal only has a 15% chance of winning,” he said. “I would say 35%. I don’t think there’s going to be many goals, though. 1-0 or 2-1, maybe.”

For Mbamba, it’s significant that the team is led by Aliou Cissé, a veteran of the famous 2002 campaign when Senegal beat then world champion France.

“We were coached by French managers so long. Now, most of the African teams are coached by Africans. Every country has its own mentality. A Senegalese manager knows how to handle the team and deal with the players.”

The Senegalese team are no strangers to grief. In the year of the 2002 World Cup campaign, the MV Le Joola, a ferry that connects Senegalese coastal cities, sank and 1,863 people lost their lives. Eleven of them were relatives of Cissé, and his sister was one of the dead.

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“The Drunker You Are, The Better I Am”

Adele cracks jokes, telling fans to order drinks during her Vegas act
Adele Cracks Jokes About Fans Enjoying Her While Drunk During Concert (Photo Credit –Instagram)

British singer Adele said that she has worked her “absolute a*** off” to create her Las Vegas show.

The 34-year-old singer previously postponed her entire residency, just 24 hours before the opening night, after her team was hit by the Covid-19 outbreak, and Adele has now confessed that her fans “wouldn’t have liked” the show, reports Female First UK.

She said on stage: “I worked my absolute a*** off for this. I couldn’t have done that other show and you wouldn’t have liked it either, I’m telling you that.” The ‘Easy on Me’ hitmaker, who is one of the world’s best-selling artists, also joked that her fans will enjoy her show more after they’ve had a few drinks.

According to the ‘Sunday Mirror’ newspaper, Adele told fans: “Go and order some drinks …the drunker you are, the better I am.”

Earlier this year, an insider explained that Adele had made a conscious decision to make her shows at Caesars Palace more “intimate” than she previously planned.

The source said at the time, quoted by Female First UK: “Adele has revised her plan for the show, has stripped it back. The production will be very classy, ​​the show is centered on her energy and vocals.”

Adele postponed her entire residency in January, and the award-winning star afterward took to social media to explain the decision to her fans.

Female First UK further stated that the London-born star

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