Country ham recipe slow-cooks with help from a sleeping bag : NPR

As a child, Linda Ishmael would help her grandparents prepare Old Kentucky Ham for the holidays.

Linda Ishmael/Collage by NPR

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Linda Ishmael/Collage by NPR

As a child, Linda Ishmael would help her grandparents prepare Old Kentucky Ham for the holidays.

Linda Ishmael/Collage by NPR

All Things We’re Cooking is a series featuring family recipes from you, our readers and listeners, and the special stories behind them. We’ll continue to share more of your kitchen gems throughout the holidays.

When Linda Ishmael was growing up, her family’s Christmas celebrations always included “putting the ham to sleep” to get it ready for the holiday dinner, when dozens of family members would visit their Kentucky farm.

The sleep process is a method of slow-cooking a salt-cured country ham for 24 hours that Ishmael said hearkens back to pioneer cooking.

“It was a way for the women to cook a lot of dishes at once,” Ishmael said. “They could put the ham up somewhere else to slow cook while they used their oven to cook other things.”

Ishmael lives in Flemingsburg, Ky., just about 4 miles from where he grew up on hundreds of acres of land with his parents, siblings, aunt, uncle, cousins ​​and grandparents. Out of all the kids, Ishmael said, she was the only one interested in being in the kitchen with her grandmother.

“I would leave my house and go up, either walk or bicycle up, to my grandparents’ home … so I was always there,

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Popular Austintown restaurant Fatso’s BBQ to close permanently

A previous version of this story incorrectly stated the location of this restaurant. It has been corrected. We apologize for the error.

AUSTINTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) -The owners of Fatso’s BBQ announced their restaurant is closing in a social media post on Facebook.

Last Saturday, Fatso’s Barbecue officially closed. Owner William Bowser says being a small business owner in today’s economy has taken a toll on his mental and physical health.

“Especially having barbecue meat, it’s so expensive. So you know it was just hard to save money here, save money there and we were basically just treading water for a long time,” Bowser said.

Bowser says for the last year, he tried to keep prices the same. But around October, with businesses really struggling, he raised them.

“We were basically just making money to buy more food to keep food in the bar, to keep food in the carryout, we weren’t making any money. We haven’t made any money in probably a year,” Bowser said.

Fatso’s began in April of 2021 on East Midlothian Boulevard. In October of 2021, they moved to their location in Austintown at a carryout station behind Chipper’s Sports Bar and Grill. Bowser said it was amazing to watch the business grow.

“For the people who know me, that know how we started, we started on the side of the road next to a tire shop with a loan from my

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This Is Actually The Worst Beverage To Drink Every Morning If You Want To Lose Weight

If you’re trying to lose weight, it’s important to pay attention to everything you’re putting into your body–including the beverages you’re drinking. While we always hear about the value of a healthy breakfast, we can’t forget that what you drink in the morning also plays a major role in that. And as it turns out, many people are starting their day off on the wrong foot with one fattening beverage that can be detrimental to weight loss: sugar-loaded coffee.

To learn more about why you should leave the sugary ingredients out of your morning joe if you’re trying to shed a few pounds, we spoke to registered dietitians Trista Best of Balance One Supplements and Johna Burdeos. Read on for all of their expert insight!

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chocolate starbucks frappuccino with whipped cream


Sugary coffee

Many of us rely on a daily cup of coffee to kickstart our mornings and give us the energy to take on the day. And if you, like lots of people, are a big fan of the sweetener things in life, you may choose to load that coffee up with sugar, flavored syrups, sweet creamers, and more. Maybe you even have a go-to order at Starbucks that really pleases that sweet tooth of yours. However, unfortunately, Best warns that “one of the worst drinking habits for those who want a leaner body is consuming high sugar and fat specialty coffees.”

Of course, coffee alone isn’t the issue; it’s everything you put into it

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