Jalen Hurts Cooking as Eagles Overcome Sloppiness to Lead Titans

PHILADELPHIA – Despite a sloppy first half in which the Eagles committed five false start penalties, the offense moved the ball well enough to grab the first-half lead, 21-10, against the Tennessee Titans at Lincoln Financial Field on Sunday.

Jalen Hurts was on target for two long touchdowns throws and added another rushing, this one from two yards out with 51 seconds to play in the second quarter.

The Eagles QB now has 19 passing touchdowns and nine rushing to surpass his total TDs from last year. He now has 28 touchdowns after putting up 26 in 2021.

He hit DeVonta Smith from 34 yards away in the first quarter then, early in the second, he connected with AJ Brown from 40 yards out to take a 14-7 lead with 13:55 to play in the second quarter.

Brown’s TD came one play after a TD throw to Brown was overturned after it had ruled a touchdown. It was the right call with one of Brown’s feet out by just inches near the goal line.

It was the receiver’s first game against the Titans, who was drafted in the second round in 2109 and traded him to Philly on the first night of last spring’s NFL draft.

He ended the half with 61 yards and a TD on three receptions.

Smith had four catches for 93 yards and a TD. He is bidding for his first 100-yard receiving game since Week 4 vs. Washington when he had a career-high of 169.

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Cooking at the Cove: A bunch of brunches

Egg-in-a-frame with ricotta is just one brunch idea to get you through the winter. Karen Schneider / For the Forecaster

Brunch is my favorite meal when it comes to entertaining during this time of year. I think that 11 o’clock or so in the morning is a great hour to greet the company in the winter months. Everyone is fresh and fun, there are hours of daylight ahead, and you’re not expected to serve a roast and mashed potatoes and offer cake or pie. You can relax, enjoy some brunch food, get in a walk together and no one has to drive home in the dark. Unless of course, you’re so fun to be around that your company stays forever.

We’ll address that in another column titled “Midnight Snacks.”

When my children were little and we had a clutch of hens, we often had eggs and toast at meal time – it didn’t matter which meal. Eggs nestled into a hole punched from liberally buttered bread then fried to perfection in a skillet was aptly named “eggs-in-a-frame” by my youngest daughter, Shannon.

Today, I present to you a grown-up version of that delicacy. Your guests (or family) can help you put these together. Just keep a close eye on the eggs once they’re in the oven as the baking time will really depend on how you like your eggs cooked and how crunchy you want your toast to be.

During the last few minutes of baking time, I sometimes add

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Ree Drummond and Family Celebrate Thanksgiving

I hope you all had a nice weekend with your families! We had part of our crew (Todd, Paige, Stuart, Jamar) here at home, while another part of our crew (Alex, Mauricio, Bryce) couldn’t make it. It was a little bit of a quiet, bittersweet day for us since we just said goodbye to Chuck two weeks ago. But we were happy to see the kids and have a few days of relaxed togetherness.

ree drummond family thanksgiving 2022

Ree Drummond

We decided to go ahead and gather at Chuck/Pa-Pa’s house as we would have anyway, because first of all, he would have wanted that; and second of all, Thanksgiving was his favorite meal of all time. He looked forward to it every year, he hovered over all the cooking and asked how much longer, and he loved filling his plate with turkey, mushy stuffing (from the bird for him, always!), mashed potatoes, and steaming hot gravy.

ree drummond family thanksgiving 2022

Ree Drummond

It was so nice to cook at Chuck’s. I could honestly feel his presence, almost as if he was sitting in his chair in the living room—and I kept the eating schedule right on target, because Pa-Pa was always the happiest if the food was ready ten minutes early. 😂

ree drummond family thanksgiving 2022

Ree Drummond

Again, almost as if Chuck was there encouraging me, I churned out a top three batch of gravy! It was dark, delicious, giblety, and I still have a little left and am considering heating it up and pouring it over scrambled eggs this morning.

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