18 Non-Alcoholic Holiday Drinks for All Occasions

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Spiced, sweet, and not modest at least, this refreshing mocktail goes hard on the citrus with a touch of fizz for a little nose tickle. Don’t be shy with the garnish for a pop of delicious eye candy. And if you’re hosting a thirsty group, this recipe can be scaled up with ease.

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Another fruity concoction, this mocktail recreates the taste of British Christmas pudding, a traditional holiday dish from across the pond. Pomegranate, cranberry, dried fruits and citrus zest are combined with nutmeg, clove and other spices to give you a flavor combo fit for royalty. Serve it up hot or cold and feel free to prepare this drink a day or two ahead of the party if you’re feeling pressed for time.

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A bit tart and a bit sweet, this wintertime gem features the bold flavors of pine simple syrup and unsweetened cranberry juice. One sip and your senses are transported to a crisp forest with Donner and Blitzen. A touch of ginger beer adds a hint of sweetness and fizz.

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This dairy-free drink takes the traditional Puerto Rican Christmas coquito and marries it to the festive green hues of East Asian matcha. Sweet and creamy, the nonalcoholic matcha coquito uses just about every part of the coconut to create a

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