7 Best Air Fryers of 2022 For All the Fun Without all the Fat

Basketball styles: Probably the original style of air fryers, basket-style refers to the basket that pulls in and out of the unit like a drawer. They’ve been improved over the years to have a larger capacity and great usefulness outside of cooking only one serving. They’re also more compact and portable than other styles of air fryers.

Dual-basket style: Take a basket-style air fryer and add a second basket, and you’ll have your dual-basket air fryer. They double the utility of any model, and you can simultaneously cook food at different temperatures and for different lengths of time without disturbing the other. They are larger in size but that extra usefulness can make or break which model you purchase.

Air fryer toaster ovens: These are essentially shrunken-down ovens for use on your kitchen counter. They are infinitely transportable and can do everything from bake, roast, dehydrate and broil.

A Note on the “Healthiness” of Air Fryers

Just because a brownie is cooked in an air fryer, it doesn’t make it healthier. Same goes for those frozen French fries. The real benefit of air frying is the ability to control the total fat that is absorbed by any food compared to pan frying or deep frying. If those items were previously fried and then heated up again, their fat content hasn’t changed. Fat is necessary for a healthy diet. Air fryers are way less intimidating than a vat of bubbling hot oil but what you put into them

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