Austin’s best Egyptian-inspired BBQ food

Dishes at an Egyptian-BBQ restaurant.

A sampling of the food at KG BBQ. Photo courtesy Maurice Chammah

On a recent rainy night I grabbed dinner with friends at KG BBQ, the mouth-watering, newly opened fusion brainchild of Egyptian emigre Kareem El-Ghayesh.

  • El-Ghayesh told me he moved to Austin in 2016 to learn the ways of the city’s great pitmasters, putting in time at Lamberts, Interstellar, Kerlin and Valentina’s before striking out on his own.

The scenes: The food trailer is stationed at Oddwood Brewing, a pizzeria-brewpub with at least a half-dozen shaded, outdoor picnic tables and plenty of cozy indoor seating.

Just a taste: We tried the grilled chicken kebab, marinated in sumac, garlic, thyme and honey — and it’s tender to the teeth; the pink buttermilk potato salad, a Texas classic dressed up in a roasted beet puree, with fresh dill and jalapeños — y’know, the kind your grandmother use to make; a golden, aromatic rice cooked with turmeric, bay leaf and cinnamon, tossed with candied nuts; and classic smoked brisket served, in a typical twist, with a pomegranate-infused barbecue sauce.

Excellent moves: Serving smoked meat with a chimichurri sauce of mint, parsley and Serrano chilies, with garlic, onion and cumin.

Three-word reviews: A smorgasbord of yumminess.

What we’re still thinking about: The cardamom and pistachio rice pudding.

  • Do not leave KG BBQ without buying this rich dessert, finished off with pistachio butter and topped with whipped mascarpone and halvah.

if you go: KG, located at 3108 Manor Road, by the intersection with Airport Boulevard, is open Thursday through Sunday, 11am to 8pm — or until sold out.