How to Choose a Healthy Lunch Menu

Some people sometimes don’t have time to prepare a lunch menu from home. The choice of lunch is in the canteen or buying food from a delivery service. Even though you have the freedom to determine your intake, you can’t go wrong with adopting a healthy and balanced diet. Here are some ways to choose a healthy lunch menu:

Avoid fried

Fried and burned foods have higher calories and bad fats than steamed or baked ones, therefore reduce high-calorie foods and bad fats at lunch. Menu outside the home besides that is usually fried in used cooking oil, which has been repeatedly used. Used cooking oil is also prone to contain free radicals which are the source of cancer. The content of saturated fatty acids in used oil can endanger health.

Consume coconut milk wisely

Lunch menus such as curry certainly invite appetite. However, in order to maintain health, don’t forget to be wise when you want to consume coconut milk. If necessary, ask the food vendors whether the coconut milk used is runny or thick. recommended. For this reason, consumption of coconut milk should not be excessive or need to be limited. Coconut milk may be consumed within reasonable limits. Coconut milk is also better consumed with vegetables, chicken, fish and tofu than with jerohans.

Avoid instant food ingredients

Instant and canned foods use a lot of preservatives and chemicals. Exposure to bisphenol in canned drinks can be harmful to the reproductive system, nerves, immune system, and can cause … Read More

How to Easily Understand the Level of Steak Doneness

There are several levels of steak doneness. This culinary can be processed with various levels of maturity to spoil the tongue of the connoisseur. Each level of steak doneness will give a different impression. It could be that even in one family will have different tastes. It is also important to know the different levels of steak doneness. There’s nothing wrong with trying one at a time to get the best taste. Starting from those that tend to be still raw to the most mature. Here’s how to understand the level of steak doneness :

Steak Doneness

1. Rare

This level of maturity is also rarely ordered, but some people may be familiar with this level of maturity which is still relatively raw. The color produced by the cooking process is brownish gray on the outside and still red on the inside. Usually, to reach this level of doneness, it takes about 2 minutes to cook, so that the inside is still red, but there is a difference in the soft texture of the meat. This rare maturity level makes the meat taste sweeter and the distinctive aroma of the meat is still more pronounced than other maturity levels.

2. Medium Rare

This half-done steak can be seen from the color of the meat which has changed color to half pink and half brown on the inside, while the outside is more brown. This level of maturity will be obtained when cooking with a temperature of around 54 degrees to 57 degrees … Read More

Felipe Valls Sr., founder of iconic restaurant central to Miami’s Cuban community, dies at 89


Cuban businessman Felipe Valls Sr., founder of the iconic Versailles restaurant in Miami, Florida, died Saturday, his granddaughter, Nicole Valls confirmed to CNN. He was 89 years old.

Nicole Valls did not provide further details on her grandfather’s death, but said the family’s spokespeople were expected to provide more information at a later time.

After Valls opened his restaurant on Miami’s emblematic Calle Ocho 51 years ago, it became a vital gathering place for exiled Cubans who could congregate over flaky guava pastelitos and other familiar dishes.

The landmark spot in the city’s Little Havana neighborhood is still a usual point of concentration for activists and members of the Cuban community in South Florida. It also serves as a meeting point for demonstrations on political issues involving the island.

Miami Major Francis Suarez mourned Valls’ loss on Saturday, describing the businessman as “an extraordinary human being who served his family, his beloved Miami, and the freedom of Cuba with supreme devotion.”

Miami-Dade County Mayor Daniella Levine Cava said in a tweet Valls was “the true embodiment of the American dream.”

“As a leader, philanthropist and brilliant businessman, he shaped (Versailles) into the pulse of our community for over five decades,” the major wrote.

Those sentiments were echoed by Florida State Representative Daniel Perez, who tweeted his condolences for the loss of “an icon in our community.”

Media outlets, including CNN, have visited Versailles over the years to gauge the opinions of the Cuban community on various issues and

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