Best Sloppy Joe Meatball Bake Recipe

Meatballs don’t take the sloppy out of sloppy Joes, they just turn it into a whole new form. Trust us—these little ones are just as delicious as the original ground beef version. Cheesy, hefty, and super-saucy, this skillet dish also comes together in just under an hour, making it the perfect anytime meal.

Besides being irresistibly tasty, this dish is also extremely versatile. Cook up these meatballs, then serve them in a variety of ways: Sandwich them into a hoagie roll for a saucy meatball sub, enjoy them right out of the skillet as an easy appetizer (think game day snacks!), or serve this bake as a main with fresh veggie sides.

Tip: It’s important to sear the meatballs first before cooking with the sauce to ensure they get crispy and are cooked through; otherwise, your meatballs might be undercooked or chance falling apart—you don’t want that! After cooking in your tomato-based sauce, you’ll broil with cheese until everything gets bubbly and golden. We chose mozzarella for our cheese of choice because of how melty and stretchy it gets, but feel free to add your favorite cheese. Cheddar or Monterey Jack would also be delicious here, as would pepper Jack if you wanted a kick of heat!

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