Health inspector shares restaurant deal breakers

A health inspector shared her list of deal breakers when it comes to dining out at restaurants, and her guidelines sparked a discussion in the comments about other restaurant red flags.

“I’ve seen a lot,” a TikToker and health inspector who goes by the username Too Far North (@toofar_north) wrote in the caption for a video in which she shares her list of factors that turn her off to certain restaurants. Not only did viewers find her helpful guidelines, but her rules also got people talking about other dining indiscretions.

The clip features a montage of places the restaurant health inspector avoids, starting with buffets.

While some of the red flags listed are obvious, such as places with dirty bathrooms, others might come as a surprise, such as restaurants with huge menus.

Last but not least, establishments where the staff seem unhappy is another deal breaker. Further breaking down her rules in the comments, the woman states that “buffets are unsanitary” and germs can easily spread.

She continues, noting that a dirty bathroom is a sign of a dirty kitchen, while an extensive menu is the code for “lots of cheap frozen food.” Plus, if most of the staff seem unhappy working there, chances are the owners aren’t great.

“I couldn’t agree more”

Viewers, including many restaurant professionals, took to the comments to share their thoughts on the protocol.

“I believe that buffets are like a training course for my gut resilience,” one user joked.

“Bartender of eight years here, and I couldn’t agree more, especially [about] the staff. It shows good management, aka a good restaurant,” commented one seasoned professional.

“Huge menus have always been a turn off for me. How can they serve all of that variety fresh?” one TikToker remarked.

If you ever need the incentive to cook more meals at home, this video and the comments just might do the trick.

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