Houston restaurants close after boil water notice

The City of Houston announced a boil water notice at 7:30 pm on Nov. 27, which is still in effect on Monday morning and is expected to last until Tuesday. As a result, many schools in the region will not open today. Several restaurants in town have also closed, yet many have been able to open, either full menus or limited menus. Here’s the latest list of which restaurants are closed or open, which will be updated throughout the day.

Agricole Hospitality (Coltivare, Eight Row Flint, EZ’s Liquor Lounge, Vinny’s, Indianola, Miss Carousel): Open, using bagged ice, bottled and boiled water to continue serving.

Angel Shares: open

Anonymous Café: open

Blacksmiths: closed

Bohemeo’s: closed

Brazil: Open, but all coffee and cocktails are not available today.

Brasserie 19: Open, but not serving cocktails with ice, coffee, tea or espresso.

Canary Coffee: open

Candente: open

Clutch City Coffee: closed

Common Bonds: All locations are open, selling a full food menu, bottled beverages and frozen bonds, but no coffee drinks, tea or water.

Coppa Osteria: open

Ribbon Crafts: open

KitchenCupcakes was giving away free water with 97.9 radio station until 1 pm today.

Cyclone Anayas: All locations are open.

Daily Gather: Open, but not serving water, tea or coffee beverages.

Da Gama: Open for lunch, dinner and happy hour.

BBQ Feges: The Greenway Plaza location is open with a limited menu. (The Spring Branch restaurant is always closed on Mondays.)

Finn Hall: Open, but only serving bottled drinks—no water, soda or coffee beverages.

Flora: open

Frank’s Pizza: closed

Gratify: open

Henderson & Kane: open

HS Green: closed

Julep: closed

Robata said: open

Koffeteria: Open with hot coffee and full range of pastries. “Not our first rodeo,” the EaDo bakery wrote on Instagram.

Blacksmith coffee shop has closed because the city of Houston's boil water notice.

Blacksmith coffee shop has closed because the city of Houston’s boil water notice.

Julie Soefer Photography

Kolache Shoppe: The Greenway Plaza location is open and serving food, but no drinks. (The Heights shop is always closed on Mondays.)

Kraftsmen Baking: open

La Lucha: open

Lagniappe: Open with coffee menu limited to cold brew and drip.

Liberty Kitchen & Oysterette: Both locations are open.

Local Foods: All locations are open.

Monkey’s Tail: open

Native Coffee: Open, using a reverse osmosis machine.

Ninja’s: Both locations are open.

NY Deli: open

Osso & Kristalla: open

Ouisie’s Table: Open, not serving water unless it’s requested (bottled to be served), and not using ice.

Palace Social: open

Papas Bros. Steakhouse: open

Patterson Park: Open with clean ice, bottled and canned beverages, and a full bar.

Pit Room: open

Saigon Hustle: Open, with minor adjustments to the menu.

Saint Arnold Brewing: After initially saying it would be closed, the team announced the beer garden & restaurant would be able to open today after all. The brewery will not have water, sweet tea or ice.

Sunday Press: Open, with menu adjustments and bottled water.

Superica: open

State Fare Kitchen & Bar: All locations are open. The Memorial outpost has new ice, sodas and water; is serving tea and regular coffee, but no espresso or cappuccino. Restaurants in The Woodlands and Sugar Land are not affected.

State of Grace: open

Tacos A Go Go: All locations open.

Tenfold Coffee Company: Open, full service resumed at 9 am with reserve of clean water.

Traveler’s Table: Open, with bottled water, bagged ice and boiled water.

Vibrant: closed

Meanwhile, at least one Houston brewery is offering to help, giving out filtered water to anyone who wants it for free. Breweries always have reverse osmosis water on hand to make their beer, a process that removes contaminants from a liquid. Gristworkz (formerly Local Group Brewing) is donating filtered water today—be sure to bring your own container.