Instagram model Alysia Magen used to drink up to ’10 bottles of wine a day’

A model and US Air Force veteran has bravely revealed that harrowing addiction battle behind her glossy Instagram façade – admitting that she was left ‘seconds from death’ while consuming up to ’10 bottles of wine a day’.

Alysia Magen, who grew up in Nebraska and now lives in Miami, has more than 1.5 million followers, where she shares racy snaps and images of her lavish lifestyle.

But just six months ago, she was ‘killing herself’ drinking vast quantities of wine as well as copious amounts of spirits.

The 33-year-old would drink ‘from morning to night’ to cope with the trauma from her past of having been physically, emotionally and financially abused by ex-partners.

Alysia Magen, a model and US Air Force veteran, has spoken out about her alcoholic past when she was drinking up to ’10 bottles of wine a day’

Magen’s seemingly idyllic Instagram life masks her hidden battle

Now, Alysia is opening up about her addiction issues for the first time, revealing the desperate battle that she was fighting while posting glamorous images on Instagram in order to keep the image of her ‘perfect’ lifestyle alive.

‘The strong girl was gone – I didn’t know who I was at that time,’ she told

‘I didn’t know I was an alcoholic, I thought it was just something to manage anxiety.

‘I would wake up in the morning shaking from withdrawal.

‘At the time I thought that was a panic attack and I would have started drinking shooters

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