Rabbi serves kosher food to Jewish travelers at the World Cup

Rabbi Eli Chitrik’s phone buzzes. A woman is about to show up at his Doha hotel to pick up her lunch: two bagel sandwiches.

It’s one of the many calls and messages Chitrik is receiving these days for bagel sandwiches, freshly made in a designated kosher kitchen set up for Jewish World Cup fans who want to comply with Judaism’s set of dietary regulations during the tournament in Qatar.

Chitrik said the kosher kitchen has been making 100 sandwiches a day to feed fans from around the world, including Argentina, Australia, Brazil, the United States, Uruguay and Israel. Recently, production has increased to more than 100 to meet demand.

On Fridays, the kitchen makes challah, special bread, usually braided, which is traditional food on the Sabbath.

“There were some people telling me that they would only be able to come because of this,” he said. “Some people (were) telling me that they thought this was going to be their first Shabbat without challah and now they could send the picture to their mother that they have challah.”

Rabbi Eli Chitrik

Rabbi Eli Chitrik’s bagel business has helped Jewish travelers keep kosher at the World Cup.

Rabbi Eli Chitrik

Many Jews say that Rabbi Eli Chitrik’s business is the only reason they were able to attend the World Cup.

Rabbi Eli Chitrik

Rabbi Eli Chitrik is proud that he’s able to provide Challah for Jews observing Shabbas in Qatar.

Rabbi Eli Chitrik

Rabbi Eli Chitrik says he knows everything that goes on in his kitchen so he can guarantee his

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