Texas A&M Beer-Drinker Cultures World As ESPN Zooms In On Co-Eds

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Saturday’s game against LSU ended Texas A&M football’s season on a high note. Although the Aggies didn’t make a bowl game after beginning the year ranked in the preseason Top 10, they did upset the Tigers to close out the regular season and kept their SEC West foes out of College Football Playoff contention.

That is something, I guess?

As soon as the clock hit zero, Texas A&M fans stormed the field to celebrate the monumental win (I say that flippantly) for the program. Actually, they rushed the field before the game ended and had to go back and try again. Whether the win deserved such a large on-field celebration was certainly questionable, but storming is fun and fun should always be encouraged.

Speaking of fun, one fan in particular was having a lot of it. However, his — and the state’s — beer-drinking practices came into question.

Late in the second quarter, the ESPN broadcast zoomed in on the crowd. Specifically, the camera focused on two blonde co-eds who were spinning their towels in support of their team.

While the zoom was certainly a choice, it wasn’t about the women.

Behind the two female Aggies was a bearded man with a brewski in hand. It appeared to be a Dos Equis tall boy.

Before he took a sip of his beer, the Texas A&M fan pulled out some sort of tiny bottle and dumped something on the rim of his can. Here is the entire sequence:

Although the bonk-worthy camerawork was one point of emphasis, so was the beer-drinker’s bottle. Was he pouring hot sauce in his Dos Equis? Was it a liquor shooter? Why did he have that in hand?

As it would turn out, the Texas A&M fan was spicing up his cerveza with some Mexican blend seasoning.

The exact condiment was unclear. However, he was either putting beer salt or Tajin chili pepper blend in the mouth of his can.

Basically, he seasoned his own rim. While it may have looked strange on TV, the Aggie beer-drinker was putting the rest of his suds-sucking classmates to shame. What a legend!