What’s the Best Way to Reheat Leftover Pizza?

The doorbell chimes and a hot, cheesy pizza lands in your hands—one of life’s simple pleasures. My love for pizza delivery runs deep. When I was growing up, my Italian parents weren’t much for eating out. Restaurants were reserved for special occasions as my mom, a fantastic cook, cooked dinner every night. However, there was an exception: On Friday nights, if my mom had a tiring week at work, my sister and I could convince her to order pizza. Along with an icy Coke, it was the highlight of my week.

The only thing better than Friday night was Saturday afternoon. That’s when I remember there were a few left over slices. But after a night in the fridge, the pizza transforms into something far from the original. While quick, microwaved pizza is a no-go—rubbery crust and uneven cheese melt are a nonstarter. So I researched how to heat the perfect slice, testing tried-and-true techniques from professionals and turning to TikTok trends for some innovation. Out of the four methods I tried, there was one clear winner.

Oven Toasters

I headed to F&F Pizzeria to find out how some genuine Pizza Heads, Frank Falcinelli and Frank Castronovo, reheat pizza. For the Franks, the toaster oven is the method of choice and a convenient way to get the job done. It’s just a few buttons, a tray perfectly sized for one slice, and a nice little window to stare through while your cheese begins to bubble before your hungry eyes.


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