BentoBox Releases 2022 Restaurant Trend Report With Insights From Over 14,000 Restaurants

Amid a year of hospitality industry challenges, BentoBox found that restaurants leaned on technology to drive discovery, enable direct consumer relationships, and save $33 million on third-party fees.

NEW YORK, dec. 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — BentoBox, the restaurant technology company that partners with over 14,000 restaurants worldwide, today announced its 2022 Restaurant Trend Reporta data-forward look at the trends defining the industry this year.

Amid ongoing recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, inflation, and continued staffing shortages, the Restaurant Trend Report breaks down how the industry has evolved over the past year and what’s coming in 2023. Here are this year’s leading trends:

  1. Cost pressures escalated across the board. While consumers returned to in-house dining, restaurants struggled to meet demand amid rising costs in both food and labor.

  • To combat labor shortages, 2022 saw a 9% increase in job postings and recruitment efforts on BentoBox websites from 2021.

  • While 91% of restaurants increased prices this year, 85% still report being less profitable than pre-pandemic.

Restaurant technology helped restaurants drive high-margin revenue. In search of clever solutions, restaurants leveraged technology such as email marketing and direct e-commerce to tap into repeat business with low acquisition costs.

  • Revenue from loyalty program promotions increased by 74% year-over-year. In total, repeat customers account for 35% of online orders, up from 29% in 2021.

  • BentoBox also found that revenue from digital gift cards increased by 9% in 2022. The average online gift card sold for $120but diners redeemed just 73% of that amount, with restaurants keeping the difference.

Diners used search engines and websites more than third-party apps. When a diner viewed a new restaurant this past year, there was a 75% chance their journey passed through the restaurant’s website.

  • Search Engines and Websites were the top two channels for finding new restaurants, outpacing Social Media and Third-Party Apps.

  • 68% of diners age 40 and under were more likely to find new restaurants using the search engines they use daily than diners 41 and over.

  • Nearly half of adult diners did not use third-party reservation platforms to discover new restaurants.

Online ordering became part of the new normal. Once a lifeline amid COVID-19, online ordering sustained its momentum in 2022.

  • BentoBox saw an 18% increase in restaurants offering direct online ordering.

  • Restaurants that offered direct-to-consumer delivery through BentoBox saved $33 million on third-party fees.

  • As for tipping habits, only 88% of diners tipped on delivery, while 63% opted to leave a tip on pickup orders.

  • BentoBox found the three states with the best tippers to be Maine, Kentuckyand Delawarewith the three worst states for tipping being Oklahoma, Georgianand Texas.

In-person dining returned. Heading into the second full year of the recovery, reservations are in demand again and operators are leveraging in-person events as a valuable revenue channel.

  • The data showed an 84% increase in online ticketed event sales, pointing to a strong return to in-person experiences.

  • Customers are comfortable dining indoors again, with reported comfort levels higher and Google searches for “restaurant COVID” terms lower than any other time since the pandemic.

visit to access the full report and read about emerging trends to watch for in 2023 surrounding labor costs, consumer interest, social media usage, and more. For additional information on BentoBox’s 2022 Restaurant Trend Report, please contact [email protected].

About BentoBox

The BentoBox Marketing and Commerce Platform delivers a seamless guest experience dedicated to accelerating growth and helping restaurants thrive. BentoBox empowers modern restaurants to build their online presence, engage with diners, diversify revenue streams and increase operational efficiency. To do so, the platform includes products such as websites, ordering (online ordering, pre-order & catering, gift cards, merchandise, tickets), events management, and marketing tools.

Over 14,000 restaurants worldwide rely on BentoBox as their digital front door. BentoBox is trusted and loved by hospitality groups such as José Andrés’s ThinkFoodGroup and Danny Meyer’s Union Square Hospitality Group and independent restaurants including Emmy Squared, Suerte, and The Meatball Shop.

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