How to Choose a Healthy Lunch Menu

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Some people sometimes don’t have time to prepare a lunch menu from home. The choice of lunch is in the canteen or buying food from a delivery service. Even though you have the freedom to determine your intake, you can’t go wrong with adopting a healthy and balanced diet. Here are some ways to choose a healthy lunch menu:

Avoid fried

Fried and burned foods have higher calories and bad fats than steamed or baked ones, therefore reduce high-calorie foods and bad fats at lunch. Menu outside the home besides that is usually fried in used cooking oil, which has been repeatedly used. Used cooking oil is also prone to contain free radicals which are the source of cancer. The content of saturated fatty acids in used oil can endanger health.

Consume coconut milk wisely

Lunch menus such as curry certainly invite appetite. However, in order to maintain health, don’t forget to be wise when you want to consume coconut milk. If necessary, ask the food vendors whether the coconut milk used is runny or thick. recommended. For this reason, consumption of coconut milk should not be excessive or need to be limited. Coconut milk may be consumed within reasonable limits. Coconut milk is also better consumed with vegetables, chicken, fish and tofu than with jerohans.

Avoid instant food ingredients

Instant and canned foods use a lot of preservatives and chemicals. Exposure to bisphenol in canned drinks can be harmful to the reproductive system, nerves, immune system, and can cause cancer. As much as possible, choose a lunch menu that is free of instant or canned food. Choose fresh foods such as fish, meat, vegetables and fresh fruit.

Avoid jumbo portions at lunch.

The goal is to maintain calories and not interfere with further productivity due to satiety. Take at least 20 minutes to order a low-calorie dessert, such as fruit or yogurt. So that your appetite for lunch is not excessive, start the day with a healthy and nutritious breakfast menu. Don’t forget, alternate the time between breakfast and lunch with fruit consumption.