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Scallops, sprouts, ackee and saltfish: my family’s Christmas food rituals | Christmas food and drink

When I was growing up, my family didn’t have Christmas traditions so much as periods. Our festive celebrations reflected where we were as a family at any given time. The Scallop Period was probably my favorite. A couple, Colin and Anne, moved into the house next door to my childhood home in Weymouth, and every now and then, Colin, a trawlerman, would leave a massive bag of scallops on our doorstep. Dad would clean and freeze them, ready for Christmas, when we would feast on a starter we’d otherwise never have been able to afford: scallops seared and served with bacon and pea puree. There was also the Foraging Period, which saw the dinner table groan with jars of chutney and jelly and bottles of steeped gins I’d made with fruits and berries such as plums, hawthorns and sloes picked in the Dorset countryside during what was quite a militant

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The World’s Oldest “Flatbread” Was Cooked by Neanderthals 70,000 Years Ago. Recipe Includes Wild Pulses, Mustard Seed and Pistachio Nuts

Scientists have found evidence that Neanderthals—the relatives of modern humans who lived thousands of years ago—may not have been as primitive as previously believed. In fact, they may have originated in the artisanal food category. According to a study published in the journal AntiquityResearchers analyzed burnt pieces of food at a Neanderthal excavation site and found they were remnants of the world’s first “flatbread,” a recipe devised by the ancient figures for pleasing flavor. “Our findings are the first real indications of complex cooking—and thus of food culture—among Neanderthals,” said Chris Hunt of Liverpool John Moores University, a study co-author. Read on to find out why. 1 “A Prehistoric Falafel” The findings argue against the typical picture of Neanderthals as unsophisticated. “The old stereotype is that Neanderthals were less intelligent than modern humans and that they had a largely meat-based diet,” explains Hunt. On the contrary, the researchers found evidence

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Capital One Venture X Cuts Priority Pass Restaurants

In the interest of full disclosure, OMAAT earns a referral bonus for anyone that’s approved through some of the links below. These are the best publicly available offers (terms apply) that we have found for each product or service. Opinions expressed here are the author’s alone, not those of banks, credit card issuers, airlines, hotel chains, or product manufacturers/service providers, and have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by any of these entities. Please check out our advertiser policy for further details about our partners, and thanks for your support! While not the end of the world, this is still a sad development… Venture X cutting some Priority Pass access in 2023 The Capital One Venture X Rewards Credit Card has become one of the most popular premium travel credit cards, since launching just over a year ago. While the card has a $395 annual fee, there are so

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Austin’s best Egyptian-inspired BBQ food

A sampling of the food at KG BBQ. Photo courtesy Maurice Chammah On a recent rainy night I grabbed dinner with friends at KG BBQ, the mouth-watering, newly opened fusion brainchild of Egyptian emigre Kareem El-Ghayesh. El-Ghayesh told me he moved to Austin in 2016 to learn the ways of the city’s great pitmasters, putting in time at Lamberts, Interstellar, Kerlin and Valentina’s before striking out on his own. The scenes: The food trailer is stationed at Oddwood Brewing, a pizzeria-brewpub with at least a half-dozen shaded, outdoor picnic tables and plenty of cozy indoor seating. Just a taste: We tried the grilled chicken kebab, marinated in sumac, garlic, thyme and honey — and it’s tender to the teeth; the pink buttermilk potato salad, a Texas classic dressed up in a roasted beet puree, with fresh dill and jalapeños — y’know, the kind your grandmother use to make; a golden,

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Michelin added 18 new stars to its California guide, including eight restaurants in LA

One of the world’s most prestigious dining guides announced its annual California accolades this evening, revealing a new class of coveted star- and Bib Gourmand-award inductees. Michelin, which employs a team of anonymous international inspectors to visit and rate restaurants, fanned out across the country and found only one restaurant newly deemable of three stars — the highest level of rating within the company — though garnered 17 new accolades of one star. Two of these were also awarded green stars, signifying sustainable practices, and 15 other restaurants gained notice for their high quality at good value. The stars are the most impressive of Michelin’s various accolades, where one star signifies “a very good restaurant in its category,” two stars “excellent cuisine, worth a detour,” while a three-star rating translates to “exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey.” In 2022 Addison, in San Diego, is the only restaurant in California to

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Best Organic Oils for a Healthy Lifestyle

In the quest for a healthy lifestyle, the type of oil you use in your cooking can play a significant role. Organic oils, derived from sustainably grown sources, offer a wealth of health benefits while aligning with eco-conscious principles. In this article, we explore the world of organic oils, highlighting the best options for promoting well-being and the role they play in a holistic approach to healthy living. Understanding the Essence of Organic Oils: Organic oils are extracted from crops that are cultivated without the use of synthetic pesticides, chemical fertilizers, or genetically modified organisms. The resulting oils are not only free from harmful chemicals but also richer in nutrients, making them a valuable addition to a health-conscious lifestyle. From salad dressings to sautéing, the choice of oil can significantly impact the nutritional value of your meals. Exploring the Best Organic Oil Choices: Coconut Oil: A versatile favorite, organic coconut

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What Is “Pilk” and Why the Strange Beverage Has Gone Viral on TikTok

“Pilk” has been a fascination online for years, and is popular among South Asian communities. The drink went viral on TikTok this week after Lindsay Lohan drank it in a Pepsi ad. Soon, the milky, carbonated beverage was everywhere on TikTok. loading Something is loading. Thanks for signing up! Access your favorite topics in a personalized feed while you’re on the go. download the app Some people will try anything for viral fame — including Pilk. The drink, which is sometimes referred to as “dirty soda,” has been an internet fascination for years, but became a TikTok trend in the last week following a Pepsi advertisement where Lindsay Lohan drank the half-Pepsi, half-milk mixture. Multiple hashtags for the drink, which has met with both enthusiasm and enthusiasm, have garnered a cumulative 40 million views on the platform. Many of the videos consist of creators pouring Pepsi into a glass of

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114 Restaurants to Receive $3,000 Resilience Grants in Second Round of Financial Support This Year

The PG&E Corporation Foundation Continues Supporting Restaurants with Pandemic Recovery OAKLAND, Calif., December 02, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Just in time for the holidays, Northern and Central California restaurants are getting a second boost this year from the California Restaurant Foundation (CRF) and The PG&E Corporation Foundation (Foundation). The Foundation’s latest $400,000 charitable contribution to CRF will fund $3,000 grants to 114 hometown restaurants in 23 counties in Pacific Gas and Electric Company’s (PG&E) service area, as well as operating support for CRF. The Foundation’s additional contribution to CRF’s Restaurants Care Resilience Fund will help restaurants pay for equipment upgrades to alleviate deferred maintenance, and for employee retention to help with industry-wide staffing shortages, both of which have been on the backburner for the last two years due to increased debt, losses and costs. The recent funding follows a $500,000 contribution earlier this year. “We were elated by the additional contribution from The

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