Study Proves That Drinking Alcohol Is The Best Way To Deal With Your Annoying Family This Christmas

stress. anxiety. Money down the drain… Christmas time is supposed to be fun, but it can actually be quite the headache.

And let’s be honest, family can make it much harder… oh yes, Christmas time, and dealing with families.

A 2017 study pointed out that alcohol was indeed the favorite way to deal with your family (or your in-laws), during the holidays. In a 1,000-person survey consisting of 43% women and 57% men, the study found that a whopping 49% of respondents felt their family was more tolerable after the consumption of alcohol.

So, let’s take it a step further and examine how to actually use booze to offset the stressful “family time.”

After all, most of us aren’t living the classic Hallmark film this time of year.

Here’s your game plan this Christmas:

Prepare your body to drink early.

You want to be in the best shape possible going into Christmas Eve and Christmas. You need to be in optimal form to handle the most amount of alcohol possible, while remaining functional.

Road sodas.

Assuming you’re taking a train, or flight, or in the backseat of a car you’re going to want to have road sodas. Road sodas AKA alcohol on the trip there. Maybe some shitty wine in a carton – love those, or a beer, or a few swigs of the whiskey you planned on bringing as a gift for yourself.

If you’re on a plane, just start ripping through those Wild Turkey 101s like they’re about to stop making whiskey forever.

Take the extra drink.

Let your smarter self take a break this time. You’re feeling a little too buzzed around the kitchen table? Screw it. It’s Christmas, have another drink and try to smile.

Walk out on conversations.

When shit gets awkward, or contentious, just smile or act like you just realized something and leave the room. Find a TV or speakers with music and have a drink alone in the corner.

Suggest opening more wine.

Just keep drinking wine. Everybody gets sleepy eventually and will stop talking.

Suggest trying that new whiskey.

Just go for the “way too drunk around family” drunk at this point.

Suggest a family shot (drink shot, not photo shot).

Get everyone involved and happy.

Play a one-person game with yourself where you take a drink every time someone brings up politics.

This is inevitable. Politics. Try to combat getting annoyed with political bullshit by drinking yourself blind and thoughtless on the subject matter.

Merry Christmas!