How to Easily Understand the Level of Steak Doneness

There are several levels of steak doneness. This culinary can be processed with various levels of maturity to spoil the tongue of the connoisseur. Each level of steak doneness will give a different impression. It could be that even in one family will have different tastes. It is also important to know the different levels of steak doneness. There’s nothing wrong with trying one at a time to get the best taste. Starting from those that tend to be still raw to the most mature. Here’s how to understand the level of steak doneness :

Steak Doneness

1. Rare

This level of maturity is also rarely ordered, but some people may be familiar with this level of maturity which is still relatively raw. The color produced by the cooking process is brownish gray on the outside and still red on the inside. Usually, to reach this level of doneness, it takes about 2 minutes to cook, so that the inside is still red, but there is a difference in the soft texture of the meat. This rare maturity level makes the meat taste sweeter and the distinctive aroma of the meat is still more pronounced than other maturity levels.

2. Medium Rare

This half-done steak can be seen from the color of the meat which has changed color to half pink and half brown on the inside, while the outside is more brown. This level of maturity will be obtained when cooking with a temperature of around 54 degrees to 57 degrees … Read More